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About Estillon 

Estillon has 50 years of experience in producing carpet padding and flooring underlays. Our underlays come in a multitude of high-quality designs, thicknesses and materials for a wide range of flooring. Carpet padding ensures the lasting durability of your flooring and enriches the comfort and the sound quality of interiors. A high-quality underlay can also be essential for the durability of flooring in other materials such as carpetparquet, laminate, PVC and vinyl. Estillon are also suppliers of premium floor covering installation tools and all of the various accessories needed to install your flooring to an excellent standard.

Estillon specialises in the production of these carpet padding and flooring underlays and offers expert installation advice. We have particular experience in the hospitality and marine sectors. Our notable clients include Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International and the Steigenberger Hotel Group for whom we have worked on many projects both abroad and in the Netherlands. Our underlays can prolong the life of carpets in areas of heavy foot traffic and offers a feeling of comfort, luxury and warmth for your guests in private rooms and suites. For cruise ships, Estillon are experts in the production of Fenix Base; a fire-resistant, IMO-certified carpet padding which ensures the optimum safety and comfort of your passengers and the guaranteed durability of your carpet.

Our specialists can assist you in choosing the perfect carpet padding or flooring underlay for your needs and are well-equipped at offering a bespoke and personalised service for your project. Whether you are aiming to reduce noise, to increase warmth and comfort or to smooth out faults in the subfloor, we can assist you in the decision-making process, each step of the way.