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Mr Lokin founded Estillon in 1965. The company went into business in Tilburg (the first three letters of this city were also included in the name of the company). In the late 1980s, Mr Bosveld, Sr. purchased the company and added it to Bohama, his wholesale company which also included Saffier and Floor-US. 

In 2006, Bohama and another wholesale company, Wijnands, merged. Estillon and Floor-US merged to become a single company in 2011. Some time before this, however, Richard Bosveld had taken over his father’s position. 

In 2006, Estillon took responsibility for the distribution and sales of Roberts products in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Roberts is an American brand of top-grade tools used by floor covering installers. It was Roy Roberts who invented the carpet gripper and carpet knee kicker in 1938. These inventions were then followed by more tools for carpet fitting. Roberts has been a leading brand in carpet installation tools, adhesives and installation accessories for 80 years. By continuing to develop new solutions, Roberts is still meeting the challenges faced by today’s carpet fitter. 

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