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Rubber Underlay Collection

dinsdag 30 oktober 2018
Estillon | Rubber Underlay Collection

Estillon has a complete range of rubber underlay in its assortment. This range consists of various types of rubber carpet-backing. Ranging from waffled sponge rubber, 100% SBR rubber, a mix of latex and crumb rubber, flat sponge rubber and vulcanised synthetic latex. These underlays have thicknesses varying from 3mm to 11 mm. Two products (Black Pearl 3mmBlack Pearl 5mm & Black Onyx 9mm) have a Bfl-S1 fire certificate.

Estillon completes this range with two new products: Roma and Carpet Cushion. These products are both made of sponge rubber and are suitable for a tensioned installation. You can find the technical data sheets on the Roma and Carpet Cushion product pages.

Rubber underlay creates a stable, comfortable and durable basis for every installation. Rubber underlay contributes optimally to the experience of luxury and comfort in the carpet. Suitable for both household and project use.


  • Stable and easy to work with
  • Levels unevenness in the base floor
  • Extends carpet's lifespan and retains its original appearance
  • Provides optimum comfort and the experience of luxury
  • Also suitable for radiant floor heating (Black Diamond, Black Magic, Black Pearl)
  • Comes with the Bfl-S1 fire certificate (Black Pearl 3mm, Black Pearl 5mm & Black Onyx 9mm)

  • Estillon has a “Rubber Underlay Collection” sample card available! This can be ordered from the headquarters sales office: info@estillon.nl

    Many thanks Tarkett BV for the picture.