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Egalfloor wood fibre board range

donderdag 15 maart 2018
From now on, Estillon will be supplying its wood fibre board range under a single name: Egalfloor. With this range, Estillon offers the ideal wood fibre board underlays for vinyl, parquet, laminate or carpet. 
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This range consists of different wood fibre board qualities:
Egalfloor Fini 5 mm
Egalfloor Budget 7 mm
Egalfloor Basic 7 mm
Egalfloor Classic 7 mm
Egalfloor 10dB 10 mm

In addition to the name change, the packaging has also been changed. The same, high-quality wood fibre board you are used to from Estillon, but now in a new jacket. Have you already spotted it? Nice and bright, with a modern image and for each type its own, recognisable colour. There are two reasons for this change: it makes a clearer distinction between the different qualities and at the same time this restyle freshens up the packaging. Naturally, in the familiar Estillon house style. 

The most important information about Egalfloor at a glance:
• Fast and easy to lay
• High impact resistance
• Levels out unevenness, insulates cold floors
• Good impact sound reduction
• Improves walking comfort of the top floor
• Extends the service life of the top floor
• Applicable with underfloor heating (Egalfloor Fini)

Egalfloor 10dB also complies with the impact sound reduction conditions of 10 dB ∆Llin, often set by Owners’ Associations.The technical data sheets provide more information on these products. You can also find the technical data sheets and the TUV certificate for Egalfloor 10dB on our website.