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A new look for Black Magic!

vrijdag 17 juni 2016
Estillon’s familiar Black Magic product has a new look. Estillon has brought this product in line with its new house style, instead of the old packaging with black bag and white printing.
The black bag is now unprinted and is provided with a red sticker. The packaging also contains an insert detailing the fitting instructions. Item number 68118 has otherwise not been changed. You will find these rolls in your deliveries.

The most important information about Black Magic at a glance:

•          Black Magic is an underlay produced from 100% SBR rubber

•          The strong rubber underlay creates a stable, comfortable and sustainable foundation for every system

•          Optimal contribution to a carpet’s feeling of luxury and comfort

•          Suitable for household and project use, both light and heavy

•          Stable and easy to use

•          Evens out minor irregularities in the floor’s surface

•          Extends service life and preserves the original look of the carpet

•          Extremely suited for use with underfloor heating

The technical data sheet and fire retardancy reports can be found on our website.

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