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donderdag 18 mei 2017
Estillon is introducing its underlay range under one name, Floorfixx, including the following products: Floorfixx regular, Floorfixx smart, Floorfixx comfort and Floorfixx fini.
Estillon Floorfixx
This Estillon underlay range offers you the solution if your customers have little time for installing a new floor! Instead of wet levelling, you can save time with the Floorfixx underlay. We would like to tell you more about the Floorfixx dry levelling system and its advantages.

Floorfixx is the underlay for linoleum, cushion vinyl, PVC, click PVC, carpet, carpet tiles and strip parquet. These underlays allow you to create a new, insulating and flat underlay in a dry and easy manner. Furthermore, these underlays can bear load immediately, there is no need to wait until the underlay is dry. This is a major advantage compared to wet levelling. Time-saving, simple and clean. And no long drying or waiting times.

With the aid of the sandwich system and interactive adhesive, the Floorfixx underlays quickly and easily create a new, insulating and even underlay that can bear load immediately. These underlays are suitable for residential and project applications. On top of that, the Floorfixx underlays insulate against impact noise. These underlays also meet the 10 dB standard set by the Owners’ Associations.

The wide overlap-joint constructions with Floorfixx smart and Floorfixx fini offer the right stability and form the right connections. You can level a floor 30% faster using these underlays. Floorfixx fini is also suitable for PVC click flooring  and meets the 10 dB standard.

The Floorfixx regular and Floorfixx comfort underlays are system floors that, with the help of the sandwich system and interactive adhesive, quickly and easily create a new, insulating and even underlay that can bear load immediately. Floorfixx comfort is also suitable for heavy commercial use and for the use of engineered wood. This type of engineered wood is glued to Floorfixx comfort with adhesive without any problems.

This range of Floorfixx underlays is available from wholesalers.

Estillon has an online brochure, sample card and installation videos. The www.estillon.com website contains even more information about the product, including technical data sheet and fitting instructions. Click here for more information.

More information on these underlays is available at www.floorfixx.com