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Black Onyx new new packaging

donderdag 31 mei 2018
From now on, the Black Onyx 5mm and 6.5mm carpet underlays will be packaged in different colours. The Black Onyx products used to come in red packaging, with A5 size stickers specifying the various thicknesses. To further distinguish the various thicknesses, the Black Onyx products are now packaged in three different colours. The article numbers have not changed. From now on, carpet rolls will be delivered to you in the following packaging:
68125 Black Onyx 5 mm: 11 m x 1.37 m (15.07 m2): green packaging
68126 Black Onyx 6.5 mm: 11 m x 1.37 m (15.07 m2): blue packaging
68127 Black Onyx 9 mm: 8 m x 1.37 m (10.96 m2): red packaging

A summary of the key product facts:
• Stable and easy to work with
• Smooths out minor irregularities in the sub-floor
• Extends the useful life and preserves the original look and feel of the carpet
• Also comes in a fire-retardant version: Euroclass Bfl-S1 (Black Onyx 9 mm)

The Black Onyx carpet underlay is made of a combination of latex and crumb rubber. The heavy quality, bonded rubber carpet underlay creates a stable, comfortable and lasting base for any installation. Black Onyx contributes maximally to the sense of luxury and comfort provided by the carpet. You can also find the technical data sheets on our website. Go to: www.estillon.com.