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Luxerton anti-slip carpet underlay rolls with foil

maandag 4 april 2016
The rolls of Luxerton anti-slip underlay have been improved: the back of the carpet underlay is now fitted with a foil.

This makes the underlay easy to unroll. The foil also protects the back of the carpet underlay and the rolls remain clean. The packaging with measured Luxerton sizes have not been changed.
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Luxerton: This light weight rug underlay creates a comfortable, reliable, firm base for every carpet. Luxerton does not contain any softeners and is suitable for application on parquet, laminate, ceramic tiles, cork and LVT tiles. Luxerton is suitable for domestic and project use.
•Light weight and easy to install
•Levels out small irregularities in the subfloor
•Extends the lifetime and conserves the original appearance of the rug•Produced environmental friendly out of 100% recyclable materials•Suitable in combination with floorheating

The amended datasheet can be found on our website.If you have any questions or comments, please let us know by calling +31 (0)24 6485348 or emailing us at info@estillon.nl