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The extensive product knowledge and specialised skills possessed by Estillon employees enable us to provide you with professional advice. Estillon also places a high priority on relevant professional product information. Effectively organised logistics mean that your orders will be delivered on time. The Estillon team would be pleased to consult with you to find the right solution.



 Operations Manager:
 Rob van Houtum
   Product Marketing Manager:

 Arno Philipsen
   International Sales Manager:

 Hans Conde y Nieto
 r.vanhoutum@estillon.nl    a.philipsen@estillon.nl    h.conde@estillon.nl



 Kim Tasseron
   Technical Sales Engineer:

 Hans Zendman
 k.tasseron@estillon.nl    h.zendman@estillon.nl  

 Customer Service:

 Sandra van Vugt
   Customer Service:

 Jolanda Janssen
 s.vanvugt@estillon.nl    j.janssen@estillon.nl    

 Customer Service:

 Nicolette Vermeulen
   Customer Service:
 Margret Albers
 n.vermeulen@estillon.nl    m.albers@estillon.nl    


 Purchase Department:

 Richard Bisschops
   Marketing Online & Offline:

 Floor Marcus
 inkoop@estillon.nl    f.marcus@estillon.nl    


 Jaap van Uden

 Jeroen Kossen
 centraal@estillon.nl    j.kossen@estillon.nl