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Here is a list of various projects in which Estillon’s products have been installed: 


Astana Marriott Hotel,

Astana, Kazakhstan


Frankfurt Marriott Hotel,

Frankfurt, Germany

Elegance Black  FR 6 mm   Elegance Black FR 6 mm

Vienna Marriott Hotel,

Wenen, Austria


Marriott Courtyard Hotel,

Linz, Austria

Black Pearl 5 mm    Black Pearl 5 mm

Leipzig Marriott Hotel,

Leipzig, Germany

  London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, 

Londen, Engeland
Black Pearl 5 mm   Elegance Black FR 6 mm

Hotel Marriott Courtyard Brussel,

Brussel, Belgium
  Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel,

Moskou, Russia

Black Pearl 5 mm
  Elegance Black FR 6 mm

Milan Marriott Hotel,

Milaan, Italy

Black Pearl 5 mm