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It was Roy Roberts who invented in 1938 the knee kicker and the tackstrip and began producing it in his garage in Pasadena, California.In the early 1940’s the company began developing installation tools for carpet installation.Roberts has been recognized as the premier brand of carpet installation tools, adhesives and accessories for over eighty years. We’ve invented and improved many of the most common carpet tools that are in use today and we continue to introduce innovative, new productsthat address the new challenges of today’s professional. Click here for the collection with various types of tools with new products.  The Roberts catalogue of Estillon B.V.: a wide range of tools that you can use when installing various types of underlays and floors.

Since 2006 Estillon is responsible for the distribution of Roberts products in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Estillon is in the market for over 50 years. It sells a wide range of underlay and flooring systems for carpet, laminate, vinyl and linoleum. Specific know-how, professional services and innovative products are the skills of the company.