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Rubber carpet underlay | Estillon

Estillon has a complete range of rubber underlay in its assortment. This range consists of various types of rubber carpet-backing. Ranging from waffled sponge rubber, 100% SBR rubber, a mix of latex and crumb rubber, flat sponge rubber and vulcanised synthetic latex. These underlays have thicknesses varying from 3mm to 11 mm. Two products (Black Pearl 3mm, Black Pearl 5mm & Black Onyx 9mm) have a Bfl-S1 fire certificate.

Estillon completes this range with two new products: Roma and Carpet Cushion. These products are both made of sponge rubber and are suitable for a tensioned installation. You can find the technical data sheets on the Roma and Carpet Cushion product pages.

Rubber underlay creates a stable, comfortable and durable basis for every installation. Rubber underlay contributes optimally to the experience of luxury and comfort in the carpet. Suitable for both household and project use.


  • Stable and easy to work with
  • Levels unevenness in the base floor
  • Extends carpet's lifespan and retains its original appearance
  • Provides optimum comfort and the experience of luxury
  • Also suitable for radiant floor heating (Black Diamond, Black Magic, Black Pearl)
  • Comes with the Bfl-S1 fire certificate (Black Pearl 3mm, Black Pearl 5mm & Black Onyx 9mm)

  • Estillon has a “Rubber Underlay Collection” sample card available! This can be ordered from the headquarters sales office: info@estillon.nl

    Estillon has several beautiful projects in which Rubber carpet underlays have been used. Are you also working on a project and looking for an underlay that is both suitable and high quality? info@estillon.nl

    Project: Hyatt Regency Sochi, Sochi, Russia
    Product: Black Pearl 5 mm
    Project: InterContinental Almaty Hotel, Kazakhstan
    Product: Black Magic 6 mm
    Project: Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
    Product: Black Magic 6 mm