Egalsoft underlays


Egalsoft® is a unique self-adhesive carpet underlay, allowing for sustainable and convenient application.The top layer consists of a PES non-woven fleece on an impregnated needle felt for a stable base whenapplying the glue. The equalising bottom layer has a self-adhesive non-slip bottom layer.Egalsoft® is suitable for residential and project applications. For heavy-use applications, please lay Egalsoft®on non-slip glue.

Why use Egalsoft?

  • Provides luxury and comfort and extends the service life of the carpet
  • Removable system – the perfect solution when nails or glue may not be used
  • Suited for use with underfloor heating
  • Good noise reduction (27 dB) and heat-insulating
  • Easy to cut, and fast and simple to install with a non-slip layer on the base
  • Also available in fire-retardant quality; Euroclass Bfl-S1
  • Suitable for residential, industrial andcommercial applications

Installation video Egalsoft


Did you know?

  • Since 1993, millions of square metres of Egalsoft® carpet underlay have been used hassle-free in manyhomes – more than 20 million square metres!
  • The benefits of Egalsoft® are clear when you lay it. The self-adhesive non-slip bottom layer saves notonly litres of glue, but also your completion time as it reduces your work
  • You can cover more metres in less time! Removing it is also quick and easy. The carpet and the Egalsoft®are removed in one movement

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