Gebruik van duurzame ondervloeren

Use of sustainable underlays

If sustainability is important to you, then Estillon can help with this. From Best Base to Finity and from Egalsoft [...]


Prevent noise hindrance

Noise is an important topic in society - noise hindrance, in particular. One way to prevent noise hindrance is [...]

Back to work tip 4 - Waarom je ondertapijt spannen?

Why Tensioning underlay?

Tensioning underlay is a technique that's no longer often done these days. It's quite labour-intensive and you need specialised [...]


Having the right tools makes all the difference

When you're installing both flooring and an underlay, don't you want to use the right tool? After summer vacation [...]


Allow for good acclimatisation when installing an underlay

When you're installing an underlay, make sure that the product is properly acclimatised. When installing a Floorfixx Smart System [...]

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Carefully consider the type of underlay you’re installing

Are you planning to install a new floor after the summer vacation? Then don't forget the underlay. Using the [...]