Newsletter June 2019

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Black Uni underlays

Black Uni underlays

The Black Uni underlay range from Estillon is a collection that is suitable for all types of floor coverings such as dry back pvc/lvt, [...]

New collection of underlays

With its new Solidbase range, Estillon offers a collection of high-density (CS3 class > 400kpa) underlays. The entire range satisfies the most stringent EPLF [...]

Newsletter April 2019

Read Estillon's newsletter from April 2019 SUBJECTS   New certificates for Floorfixx Subfloors! Floorfixx: The dry levelling system! Various projects with Floorfixx Floorfixx range: the installation [...]

Soundstop range

Soundstop range

SOUNDSTOP RANGE Estillon is expanding its assortment of noise-reducing PE foam underlays for parquet/laminate and PVC floors. In addition to the 10dB 2mm Vapoflex and PE Silver 2mm products, [...]

Estillon obtains level 3 CSR certificate

Estillon wants to set an example of Corporate Social Responsibility. In collaboration with Estillon stakeholders, the intention is to take the interests of People, [...]

Newsletter March 2019

Read Estillon's newsletter from March 2019 SUBJECTS New certificate for Egalsoft FR! Various projects with Egalsoft FR underlay New! Infinity, 100% recycled underlay Estillon obtains level 3 CSR certificate Estillon [...]

Estillon is ready for Brexit!

As things now stand, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. This has consequences for us and for our suppliers. In order to [...]

Newsletter February 2019

Read Estillon's newsletter from February 2019 SUBJECTS Estillon is expanding with a location in Germany Best Base: 100% recycled material! Egalfloor: the wood fibre board range Successful trade shows Estillon [...]

Estillon GmbH

In addition to offices in the Netherlands (Uden) and France (Plaisir), Estillon also has an office in Germany as of today: Estillon GmbH. Thomas [...]