CSR 2019 Reduction Plan

Estillon wants to set an example of Corporate Social Responsibility. In collaboration with Estillon stakeholders, the intention is to take the interests of People, Planet and Profit into account in a balanced way. In March 2019, Estillon obtained the level 3 CSR performance ladder certificate for this.

2019 Reduction Plan 

In order to meet general business objectives, we will set an annual reduction goal for each scope.The reduction goal for gas consumption is an annual decrease of 4%. The reduction goal for electricity consumption is a 50% decrease in 2019 and annual reductions of 5% starting in 2020.These reduction objectives relate to the most material emissions.

Action Plan 

What are Estillon’s goals?In order to meet the 2019 reduction objective, we will have to take various measures.


Gas consumption measure
– This measure involves reducing gas consumption.
– The reduction of heating costs, particularly in production.

Electricity consumption measure
– This measure involves reducing the use of electricity.
– Generating the electrical power required (solar panels on our own roof – installation in February 2019)

Goal: the use of alternative fuels and/or “green” electricity

Electricity consumption measure
– This measure involves reducing the use of electricity. Transition to green electricity after installing our own solar panels

Emissions summary

Overzicht emissies

CO2 performance scale, level 3

(more info at SKAO)
What does level 3 mean exactly? The company or the organisation has achieved the objectives for sustainable entrepreneurship that are feasible for the sector. Stakeholders are involved here who have a direct interest in the product or service or in preventing a negative effect from the performance of activities by the company or organisation.


All plastic packaging, paper and residual wood from the production are separated and recycled. Part of the product range is fabricated from recycled materials. For example, the Best Base underlays are made from a mix of 100% recycled, clean, high-value polyurethane foam and the Finity felt carpet is made of 100% recycled PET bottles.


Estillon is participating in the SBBU work group that is attempting to provide the entire industrial estate in Uden with solar panels in order to operate CO2 neutrally.

The “Sustainable Uden” platform By means of information transfer and by putting the search for collective sustainability in Uden on the agenda, reducing CO2 emissions in particular and making energy flows more sustainable.


The company building is fitted with 496 solar panels that generate 152,251 kWh annually. With this, Estillon will produce CO2 neutrally starting from March 2019.


Estillon works together with the transport company Van den Heuvel Logistiek. This is a local partner, selected in order to handle the total number of transport kilometres as sensibly as possible. Estillon also expects its partners/suppliers to share thoughts about corporate social responsibility.