How to become a socially responsible company


How to become a socially responsible company

Climate policy is a hot topic these days – and with good reason. We want to provide our children with a healthy future in a clean world. I think you can play a big role as a company in that – and that you should. That’s also one of the reasons that Estillon already elected in 2015 to be a Socially Responsible Enterprise. To know more about how to become a socially responsible company, I took the “CSR Annual Report” course from MVO Nederland.


This course makes you aware of the many aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility within the pillars of People, Planet and Profit. At first, you don’t consider slavery and child labour. After all, that doesn’t happen in the Netherlands – now does it? But how about your suppliers in China, Taiwan, Turkey or Romania? Is everything properly taken care of there?

The entire Estillon  staff is increasingly occupied with CSR

In the meantime, the entire staff is increasingly occupied with CSR. They think about how things can be healthier and more efficient. The candy jar has been replaced by (free) fruit; we think about the fuel in our new cars; we limit energy consumption and compensate the CO2 of our air travel. By reducing the number of picking errors, fewer deliveries are required, which also has a positive effect.

Solar collectors

In March of this year, solar collectors were installed and in May we were nearly independent of the electrical grid. Sometimes, we return electrical power instead of using it and we noticed that customers increasingly appreciate our CSR policy in all parts of Europe. People, Planet, Profit!

Zonnenpanelen op het dak biJ Estillon

CO2 performance ladder

In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, we participate in the CO2 performance ladder. We recently achieved a Certificate CSR performanceladder level 3 for this and we are ISO 9001-2015-certified. But we are going further with sustainability. Because no matter how you look at it, we all have to deal more carefully with planet earth (turns out there’s only one).

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