New collection of underlays

New collection of underlays

With its new Solidbase range, Estillon offers a collection of high-density (CS3 class > 400kpa) underlays. The entire range satisfies the most stringent EPLF and MMFA requirements. Designed for use in both homes and projects, in combination with PVC, PVC-click, laminate and parquet floors.


The Solidbase range consists of 3 underlays – Solidbase SK 1.8mm, Solidbase 2mm and Solidbase AS 1.6mm. Each one with unique characteristics and thicknesses. So there’s exactly the right underlay for every type of flooring.

And they all offer the following advantages:
• Good noise reduction
• High level of pressure-resistance
• High level of insulation against contact noises•Reduces walking noise
• Ideal for radiant floor heating, with extremely low heat resistance
• Fire-retardant Bfl-S1


Solidbase SK 1.8mm 
This underlay has a self-adhesive top layer: the floor can be installed immediately. No need for gluing or drying time!

Solidbase 2mm
This underlay has an integrated vapour barrier: no extra effort required when installing laminate or wood floors.

Solidbase AS 1.6mm
The special anti-slip layer on this underlay protects the snap connection on PVC-click floors.