Noise-reducing underlays

Noise pollution is one of the most common irritants. You can, of course, choose not to put on shoes (or heels) indoors any more, but you can also implement a number of noise-reducing measures.

With the right underlay you can achieve a noise reduction that meets the 10dB standard set by the Dutch Owners' Association (VvE). All Estillon underlays that comply with this standard have been extensively tested and carry the TÜV Rheinland quality mark.

Different types of noise reduction

There is a distinction between impact sound reduction and walking noise reduction.

Floorfixx underlays

Impact sound reduction

  • This is the extent to which your (downstairs) neighbours experience noise pollution caused by you, because every footfall causes a downward vibration
  • Particularly in case of laminate and wooden floors
  • Suitable underlays: Egalfloor 10dB, Vapoflex, and the Floorfix product range

Walking noise reduction

  • This is the ticking noise heard when people walk on a hard floor
  • Walking sound is expressed in sones, the higher the noise reduction value, the lower the number of sones
  • Suitable underlays: Woodstep and Timberbase Plus

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