Subfloors suitable for underfloor heating

Underlays for floorheating

Carpet underlay

Traditionally, insulating the floor has been one of the functions that an underlay is expected to fulfil. However, the opposite is required – namely the lowest possible insulation value – when underfloor heating is installed. In order to guarantee comfort, most underlays contain a lot of air which is a natural insulator. Therefore, when choosing an underlay, it makes sense to choose a compact underlay with the lowest possible resistance value (R value).

Underlay for parquet/laminate and PVC floors

Compactness is also very important when choosing an underlay to be used in conjunction with a parquet/laminate or PVC floor, but the same applicability values apply here too. Estillon offers a variety of suitable underlays for carpet as well as parquet/laminate and PVC floors which guarantee optimum heat transfer. The table below provides a clear overview of the various options.