renu®, the most responsible and recyclable underlay

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renu®, the most responsible and recyclable underlay

The number one in our Green Choice underlay range is renu® 6 mm, the most responsible and recyclable carpet underlay we have ever made.

  • Unique in the use of responsible and recycled materials
  • Reduces landfill waste
  • 100% recyclable!

By choosing renu®, you can help reduce the 167,000 tons of waste foam that goes to landfills every year!

Renu underlay 6-mm

Eco-performance renu® underlayment

  • Energy efficient
  • The carpet pad provides excellent thermal insulation. This will contribute to a warm, comfortable home and save energy
  • Comfort guaranteed
  • With excellent sound absorption and the feeling of luxury and comfort under your feet, renu will make your home a quiet and comfortable base
  • Sustainable
  • Made of high-density foam, which means it protects your carpet from premature wear. This means the carpet lasts longer
Renu recyclable carpet underlay
Renu sustainable recycled subfloor 6 mm

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Renu® 6 mm underlayment is available from well-known wholesalers and distributors.

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