Use of sustainable underlays

Gebruik van duurzame ondervloeren

Use of sustainable underlays

If sustainability is important to you, then Estillon can help with this.

From Best Base to Finity and from Egalsoft to Standard Felt underlays: Estillon has actively started innovating in sustainable products that contribute to a circular economy. All of these product lines consist of sustainable underlays and insulating under-carpets made of recycled materials such as reused polyurethane foam, textile fibres, recycled rubber granules and old PET bottles.

Our Sustainable product lines

Circular economy

Furthermore, we also want to see our own underlays returning to the circular economy. Thanks to woven carpet combined with self-adhesive underlays, glue is no longer necessary when installing the underlays. The result? Underlays that themselves can be recycled.

How did Estillon become a

Socially responsible entrepreneur