What we can learn from this crisis

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What we can learn from this crisis

Photo: Hospital Bernhoven-Uden. “Roll up your sleeves 24/7. This is where the region’s top performers work!”
: Richard Bosveld | Copyright photo: Joris-van-Duin

Very tentatively I am beginning to hear some good news about Corona; the number of infections is decreasing. Meanwhile, we are still confronted with people who need to be admitted to the ICU, on ventilators and still gasping for breath, all alone, fighting to survive. They are not in the local hospital; but are far away from family and friends who are not allowed to visit, increasing the feeling of being isolated.

I deeply sympathize with the victims and their families.

What’s next?

Slowly you hear people who are already thinking about what to do after this crisis. Do we still have to go around the world like madmen? Take a plane to Italy for the winter sports because there is enough snow there. If possible, we could go again in March, they said, but then in Ischl.

A long weekend with the daughter to New York because my child is doing her final exams this year, going to Alicante with a couple of friends, going for a walk in London or watching a football match in Spain or England. Not to mention the distant holidays.

Then there are the private flights, because who doesn’t know someone who has been in China, flown to America for a scholarship or to England for business?

What can we do?

Maybe this is a good time to start using video conferences like picture phone, Skype, Houseparty, Microsoft Teams and other applications. These systems would dramatically reduce the need for travel, reducing flight hours, creating much less CO2 emissions, less jetlag and less kerosene fumes. There would be less chance that disease could be spread, and these systems are simply more efficient.

Let’s really consider it now! 

Richard Bosveld

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