Why Tensioning underlay?

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Why Tensioning underlay?

Tensioning underlay is a technique that’s no longer often done these days. It’s quite labour-intensive and you need specialised knowledge for this.

However, Estillon recommends that you certainly do this! But why?

So what is tensioning technique all about?

This is where you attach carpet slats along the baseboards and you install the underlay between them. The carpet – which may be welded together in strips – is then installed as a single piece, drawn between the carpet slats using a tube tensioner and/or knee tensioner.

Tapijt spannen
Tapijt spannen

The benefits of tensioning:

  • Floors appear comfortable and luxurious
  • Floors last longer
  • It looks more beautiful
  • The underlay is easy to remove and to reinstall

You can see below which carpets you can tension. Carpet grippers and associated Roberts tools can be found here.

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